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Germany has quality education system also it has an attractive economy. Students have a dream to get  admission in any recognized university of Germany to fulfill their desire.

Germany is located in western Europe. Cost of living in Germany for a student is a major problem in starting months of moving. Living in Germany is dependent upon some factors, like wise your expenditure, area of living and institution.

Here are some important elements which are mention below.


Generally, students live in an apartments in which they share with other students. If, you are in small city then the monthly cost is 200 to 300 Euro but if, you are living in a big city e.g Berlin Bremen, Hamburg etc. then it will cost from 4oo to 6oo Euro. In this accommodation each and everything is included like as Heating system, furniture, WiFi facility.


Food is the major issue after moving into a different country. Although Germany is a country where all traditional foods are available. If, some one buy all the grocery and cook them by self then its cost 100 to 150 Euro per month approximately.

Another hand if you are too busy in studies and part time job then the daily cost per meal is 10 to 15 Euro.


There is most important in Germany to do health insurance because it is very help full and German public Hospitals give a very good health facility after pay the monthly health insurance which is 100 Euro per month.


There are some universities in Germany provide the public transport card system which is already included in your tuition fee so in this case the transport is free if ones living near the university location. But some of the institute is not provide this facility so its cost is around 40 to 60 Euro per month.


In Germany whether you are listen the radio or watching the television or not, but still you are bound to pay the monthly fee which is 20 euro. Some time the landlord of your apartment pay it annually in advance so, it will already include in your living cost and you are no need to pay it individually.


There are some mobile companies which announce different packages of free mobile minutes which is not expensive but approximately 10 to 20 Euro is minimum cost.

To conclude all of these, 700 to 800 Euro is approximately cost your monthly which is recover easily if you do a part time job in which student earn 19 Euro per Hour.

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