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According to the Institute of International Education, (IIE) the US university system continues to be the most well-liked choice for international students, admitting more than 1.1 million each year . The question is, what are these students seeing in US universities that inspires them to go so far to enroll in a US college? Here are a few advantages to studying in the United States.

Study at high-quality institutions

It’s no secret that the United States is home to many of the greatest University or colleges in the world. Specifically, the QS World University Rankings ®, half of the top 10 best universities in the world are located in the US.

In addition to these well-known institutions, the United States is also home to hundreds of additional famous schools and universities, including MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Caltech, and the University of Chicago. You will have an alot of good opportunities to forward your education, regardless of the US state in which you decide to pursue your studies. You’ll become an appealing candidate for potential companies right away because to the high reputation of US colleges.

Choose from a broad range of programs

The US is the place to go if you want to try out different classes and subject combinations because there are over 4,500 US colleges that provide undergraduate degrees and options to mix different subjects as “majors” and “minors.” There is no other nation on earth with such a wide variety of programmed and flexibility. You will be able to engage with renowned academics who will mentor you over your study years while learning about some of the most cutting-edge issues.

You have a wide range of alternatives when it comes to selecting the kind of experience you desire because there are so many US institutions and colleges. Take into account the university’s location, programmes, accommodations, size, faculty, student body, tuition costs, extracurricular activities, facilities, and more.

Enjoy the US student lifestyle

If you claim that when you think about studying in the US, campus life is not the first thing that comes to mind, you are definitely lying. You will not only have the opportunity to engage with students from all over the world and become genuinely international by enrolling in a US university, but you will also get to experience one of the most fascinating cultures.

Every young student has at least once thought about moving to the United States, and the simplest way to realise that desire is to study there. You can live on a college campus, participate in extracurricular activities, join groups and fraternities or sororities, and have all the incredible experiences you’ve always wanted.

Improve your English skills

Do we even need to explain this? For the majority of international positions in the present work market, strong levels of English are required. And what better method to learn this skill than by interacting with a society where English is widely spoken?

Even if you are already good at English, you will get a better understanding of the language and vocabulary by actually interacting with native speakers on a daily basis and by having to perform all of your daily activities and academic tasks in English.

Make friends from all corners of the world

If you are not a fan of diversity, novelty, and interesting lifestyle, do not come to study in the US. You can take part in the world’s most active campus life here. You should expect meeting people from all over the world on a regular basis given that the US is the best choice for the majority of international students.

Besides getting to know more cultures and interacting with interesting people, you will probably make lifelong connections and return home knowing that you’ve got new friendships that will last forever.

Get international experience for your CV

Being aware of the fact that US universities have a great reputation and are well-known for the quality of their education, it’s not surprising that companies are excited to welcome young people with US degrees.

You will take the first step toward a lucrative international career by enrolling in a US university. Through the Optional Practical Training program, you will also have the chance to obtain experience in your area of study during your study years. Studying abroad at a US university will provide you the global experience that many employers are looking for, making it the ideal preparation for a global job.

Travel and gain a new perspective on the world

Even while studying in a country as complicated and diverse as the United States is fascinating in and of itself, studying abroad is undoubtedly an interesting life experience overall. Many foreign students claim that studying in the US has given them the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones, open up to new ideas, and extend their perspectives.

Your view of the world and your own life will be expanded as a result of studying in the US. You’ll advance personally as well as professionally. If that’s still not convincing enough for you, consider how much simpler it will be for you to visit other US states once you really reside in one.

After going through all these benefits, it is little wonder that so many students are choosing to study in the US. It will continue to be the top educational destination for international students and should be seriously considered by every applicant who is considering studying abroad. If you are one of them, I strongly recommend that you sign up for the QS #StudyinUSA Virtual Fair, to find out more about studying in the United States.

Living in USA

Almost all of the world’s values and belief systems have contributed to the enrichment of American culture. From the viewpoint of a foreign student, that diversity is quite beneficial. You might face new challenges every day if you choose to live in a completely different environment, but if you select to do so in a region of the U.S.

Around 43.1 million first-generation (foreign born) Americans lived in the country in 2015, comprising nearly about 13.5% of the total population, according to the United States Census Bureau.

In the US, a pleasant and comfortable life typically requires an annual income of around $70,000.

The normal cost of living is $12863, which includes housing ($6844), automobiles ($3442), and food ($2577).