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About Us

ZMK Consultants are founded by group of Expert people having wide experience to Overseas Education. ZMK is one of the most specialized overseas educational consultancy services firm across Pakistan providing life stunning opportunities by linking its students with the top-ranking Universities around the globe. ZMK is also renowned for providing expert visa & consulting according to the respective high commission’s requirements and has the best reputation in securing maximum student visas. We, counsel, refer, and process the applications of eligible students for placement in overseas colleges and universities, in return, they respond to the students of Pakistan with a view to encouraging cross-cultural dimensions in the field of education.


The main objective of ZMK is to enable students to participate successfully in other continents and to adopt productive roles in society as professionals and intellectuals. ZMK Overseas Education feels pride for being an innovative organization dedicated to the quality of education.

Services That You Need To Make Your Educational Grow

ZMK Overseas Education Consultants guide students through a set of questions to find solutions that best suited to their overall profile, ensuring that the best available Career Path is selected before entering into further education abroad.

ZMK Overseas Education Consultants offer Complete Assistance to Students who want to study abroad, we don’t just send you abroad we make sure that you get into the top ranked, prestigious Universities all over the world and follow your dreams.

Our admission counseling is a bespoke consultation process that is curate according to every student’s unique journey. Our experts collaborate with international advisors to present your qualifications to potential universities in the best light possible so that you can gain admission to your dream college.

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