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Important Details for Studying MBBS in China

English-medium government universities in China are the greatest and most acceptable alternative for studying MBBS for an overseas potential medical student; nevertheless, not all universities are the best for Pakistani students due to a variety of factors.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) in China only permits English-medium universities—also known as “Listed universities”—to legally instruct international students in English. Only these universities are also permitted to offer M.B.B.S degree programmes.

MOE Listed, English Medium Govt Universities in China: –

Annual expenses in the listed English-medium universities range from Rs. 10 to 11 lakhs Pakistani Rupee, which cover all tuition, housing, and food charges. The MBBS curriculum requires six years to complete in order to receive a degree; this includes five years of coursework and one year of internship. While the total cost of an MBBS programme is between Rs. 65 and Rs. 70 lakhs Pakistani Rupees.

Unfortunately, most people in Pakistan don’t know about the “MOE Listed”, English medium universities, those legitimately allowed to offer MBBS degree Programs.

While, those that are not English medium, are called bilingual universities Their expenditure ranges annually from Rs. 7.5 lakhs to Rs. 8.5 lakhs Pak Rupees including all expenses like tuition fees, accommodation, and food.

Eligible students who can apply for English Medium Universities: –

A student must be keeping mini 70% marks in F. Sc premedical and in major subjects not less than 60%. If anyone doesn’t keep the same marks, he/she can’t apply for these MOE Listed Universities.

Bilingual Universities for MBBS in China: –

Bilingual universities (bilingual) mean Chinese and English medium together, and the tendency of Pakistani students is higher due to lower fees in these universities. Although most of them do not offer MBBS degrees else a few. Their degree is called MB (Bachelor of Medicine), in these universities, students must study HSK4 in 1st year and qualify. The HSK4 is a one-year Chinese language course, which is very important to qualify, otherwise, it is not possible to join the second year to continue medicine classes.

Bilingual Universities Drawbacks: –

  1. The tragedy is that many students who do not study attentively cannot even qualify for it, and if they fail, they are expelled from universities and then stay in hotels to get new admissions, (which is often they hide from their families).
  2. Although bilingual institutions currently provide medicine courses in English, there is a chance that they could at any time revert to offering them in Chinese. As in the past, several bilingual universities that taught medicine in English for the second year switched to teaching it in Chinese for the third, forcing all of the students to switch universities or continue their studies in Chinese. Some universities, including Taishan Medical University, Jining Medical University, and many more, have abruptly returned to the Chinese medium (since migrating to China is not even an option), and it’s all a matter of danger at your own discretion.
  3. Remember that If any student studied medicine classes in the Chinese medium of instruction, will face difficulties in Pakistan registering in PMC as students studying abroad should be educated in English.

Few trustable Bilingual Chinese Universities, offering Medicine classes in English: –

Although It’s difficult to take responsibility for entire bilingual universities, even then a few that have been the best in our experience are best for seeking prospective students who either keep less than 70% marks or want medicine studies at a low cost.

We can offer our services and recommendations. Otherwise wanting a cheap university admission means wasting your future, money, and time, so consult us or have a good future by consulting your medical education in the light of their experience through an experienced consultancy firm.

Decide It calmly, as it’s not something to buy cheaply from the market and then regret. It’s wasting of time and money and can’t retune your future back.


If you want to do MBBS and want to practice in any commonwealth or a foreign country, then only English Medium Universities are suitable to be get admitted

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How to Apply for MBBS in China?

If you are seriously interested in getting admission in MBBS, English Medium, or Bilingual, Universities just scan your documents and send them to WhatsApp or Email. Pay the Application Fee to get admission, we’ll guide you to choose the best university for you and facilitate admission. Students who are waiting for the result after taking the exam can also apply for admission.