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Germany is most developed country located in western Europe. Taking degree from Germany is everybody’s dream. Germany has own language and culture. It’s Higher education system is recognized world widely.Germany has best universities globally and known for there world class methodology of theory and research system.The following top 10 universities of Germany which has undergraduate and post graduate programs.

Germany RankingWorld RankingUniversity Name
263Ludwig MaximiliansUniversitatMunchen
364RuprechtKarlsUniversitat Heidelberg
4117HumnoldtUniversitatZu Berlin
5130FreieUniversitat Berlin
6131KIT, KarlsruherInstitut fur Technologie
7145RheinischWestfalscheTechnischeHochschule Aachen
8148TechnischeUniversitat Berlin
10175Eberhard KarlsUniversitat Tubingen
10175Universitat Freiburg

As, we know Germany has own language, so it is crucial for all to understand the country language for more benefits. Although, some of the undergraduate program are in English language but after three to four semester passing it will totally convert into German language.


First of all students select the concern course which is offer by different universities. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has a database of almost 2,000 programs available, including 1,389 programs in English for undergraduates.

For, prospective undergraduate students, a high-school degree, school leaving certificate, and the DAAD has a database of information on admission requirements for selected countries.

Language requirements are important. Most courses are taught in German so, people must be have a proficiency certificate of German Language if, their course in German Language. Likewise, if choosen course is taught in English then, IELTS or TOEFL in necessary to get admission.