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New Project

By Admin | Nov 23, 2022


The UK is known for its history, architecture, stunning scenery, tourism, and culture. The country is also proving to be an ideal spot to easily explore Europe. No matter where you study, you’ll get to experience an authentic piece of life in the UK. If you have ever dreamed of studying at a reputable university,

New Project

By Admin | Nov 23, 2022

ZMK Consultants Courses for Pakistani Students

  Every year, a significant proportion of students, look forward to pursue education at a foreign country. Studying abroad was not a norm few years ago, but now a large number of student population heads to acquire education abroad. Education is a vital component of life that contributes in the development of a bright future.

New Project

By Admin | Nov 26, 2022


Italy has a large and international network of public or state-affiliated universities and schools offering degrees in higher education in Italy. State-run universities of Italy constitute the main percentage of tertiary education in Italy and are managed under the supervision of Italian’s Ministry of Education. 1. University of Padua:- The University of Padua is a

New Project

By Admin | Nov 30, 2022


People attract to Study abroad in Germany by the numerous advantages like as quality of life, job opportunities, standardize education system, exposure of life, interesting traditions and culture. Study in Germany is absolutely magnificent experience. During study in Germany you meet people from over the world, learn different cultures, and make friendship, enhance skills and

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By Admin | Dec 08, 2022

COST of LIVING in Germany

Germany has quality education system also it has an attractive economy. Students have a dream to get  admission in any recognized university of Germany to fulfill their desire. Germany is located in western Europe. Cost of living in Germany for a student is a major problem in starting months of moving. Living in Germany is

New Project

By Admin | May 31, 2023

Study in Italy for Pakistani Students BS, Ms, and MBA.

Are you a Pakistani student aspiring to pursue higher education in a vibrant and culturally rich environment? Look no further than Italy – a country renowned for its world-class education system, historical heritage, and breathtaking landscapes. At ZMK Overseas Education Consultants Pvt Ltd, we are dedicated to guiding and assisting Pakistani students in realizing their